New diaphragm valve for drinking water

The Luxembourg-based KSB subsidiary SISTO Armaturen S.A. is extending its current range by launching its proven SISTO-16TWA valve type series for drinking water applications with new materials for wetted components.

The new valves, which will make their debut at ISH 2019, are an advanced development meeting the rising European requirements on metal materials, plastics and elastomers for use with drinking water.

In order to prevent legionella growth, the valve must be able to handle high water temperatures over a long period of time. To ensure this, the manufacturer now uses high-grade stainless steel for the self-draining valve body designed without any dead volumes.

The peroxide-free and sulphur-free elastomer diaphragms of the new valve with KTW W270 approval have been developed in-house by the Luxembourg Company. They are designed for continuous operating temperatures of 90 °C and meet the elastomer regulations of the German Environment Agency applicable from 2022.

The new hydraulically optimised type series is suitable for a maximum permissible operating pressure of 16 bar. It is available in nominal sizes from DN 15 to DN 200. Sizes DN 125, DN 150 and DN 200 are also available in the proven variants with plastic-coated grey cast iron body.

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