New Elscint pneumatic take-up system

Elscint Automation has developed a pneumatic take-up unit for feeding of engine valves having dia from 20mm to 50mm and length between 30mm to 200mm. The Elscint pneumatic take-up system transports each engine valve up to a height of 2m from the ground level. Speed of between 40 to 100 pieces/min can be achieved depending upon the sizes of the engine valves. The system results in the linking of two machines in an engine valve factory, thus resulting in smooth line automation. There is a smooth flow of components without any starvation to the next machine. However, for using this system, the engine valves must come out of the previous machine in a head up orientation. The engine valves are then taken in the same orientation to the next machine at a higher height. This increases the productivity of the engine valve producing machines and makes them totally manless. This system uses the bare minimum space and additionally has the flexibility of feeding various sizes of engine valves through the same feeding system. This feeding system is available in plc and non-plc versions.


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