New emission control for Kentucky plant

American Electric Power (AEP) has filed a request with the Kentucky Public Service Commission for authority to instal a new emission control system on Unit 2 of its Big Sandy generating plant near Louisa, Kentucky. The control system will reduce nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx) from the 800mw unit by about 90%. When in operation, the controls are expected to produce an overall reduction in NOx emissions of between 6800 and 7600 tons each ozone season (May through September). While construction is not slated to begin until the fourth quarter, site preparation will likely begin later this summer. The project is scheduled for completion by 1 May 2003. AEP plans to instal a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system on Big Sandy Unit 2. SCR uses a chemical reaction to break down the NOx present in the exhaust gases that is released during the coal combustion process. The NOx is broken down into elemental nitrogen and water. Ammonia is used to initiate the chemical reaction. The company will use an innovative urea-to-ammonia conversion system for the SCR’s ammonia supply, similar to the system that is being built at three other AEP power plants. The project is estimated at approximately USD 107 million.

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