New GEMÜ BB07 3/2-way ball valve

The valve specialist GEMÜ is expanding its product range of industrial ball valves. Due to its multi-functional properties, the newly developed GEMÜ BB07 3/2-way ball valve family is suitable for the most varied areas of application. These include chemical processes, industrial water treatment, surface finishing, power generation and environmental systems, mechanical engineering, and processing industries.
The GEMÜ BB07 3/2-way ball valve is the ideal valve when it comes to mixing and distribution tasks of media flow, like in the trouble-free change-over of sensitive media in the area of energy or auxiliary materials in the food-processing industry.
A further advantage is that the new ball valve types are available with the threaded socket connection type, which ensures trouble-free installation of the shut-off valves.
The GEMÜ BB07 multi-port ball valves represent a cost-effective solution, as multiple valve seats are generally required for mixing and distribution tasks. These seats are combined to make just one subassembly through the use of multi-port ball valves.
The GEMÜ BB07 is versatile in use due to its three outlets. Thanks to the top flange acc. to ISO 5211, simple actuator mounting is possible. The seat seal is made of PTFE. The newly developed GEMÜ BB07 ball valve family is automation-capable, low maintenance, and can be used for a vacuum. The new ball valve is selectable as a T or L ball and is therefore flexible and versatile.
The 3/2-way ball valve is available in the following actuator versions: GEMÜ BB07 with the bare shaft; GEMÜ B47 with pneumatic actuator; GEMÜ B27 with manual actuator; and GEMÜ B57 with the motorized actuator.

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