New instrumentation manifold range

Parker Instrumentation has launched a range of instrumentation manifolds meeting the ISO 15848 standard for fugitive emissions. Available in double-block-and-bleed configurations, in either monoflange or low-profile flange-ended forms, the new manifolds provide process instrument interfaces to help processing organizations enhance their LDAR (leak detection and repair) programs. There are three leakage classifications specified by ISO 15848: A, B and C (specifying maximum leakage rates from less than or equal to 1 x 10-2mg/sec/m, to a figure four orders of magnitude less: 1 x 10-6mg/sec/m. The valve designs meet the highest “A“ classification level, over the temperature range -29 to +180C, and the standard instrumentation manifold working pressures. This compliance corresponds to a maximum annual leakage of less than the volume of a walnut for a typical three-valve instrument manifold. Parker Instrumentation is initially making the valves available on two types of integrated instrument manifold optimized for space- and weight-saving. These are ProBloc, a one-piece body design with a flange at one end, and a range of the popular monoflange products with double-block-and-bleed valves integrated into the flange shaped body. The vendor’s ISO 15848-compliant range is available with flange sizes from 1/2 to 3in. Numerous valve/flow path configurations are available to suit the spectrum of common process instrument interfacing applications.
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