New IO-Link control unit offers better maintenance

SPX FLOW, Inc., a provider of process solutions for the Industrial Nutrition & Health markets, has launched a new control unit as a part of the CU4plus platform that now includes the IO-Link communication protocol. The CU4plus IO-link Control Unit works with all APV and Waukesha Cherry-Burrell valve ranges and can be retrofitted into any existing installed base when paired with an IO-Link master.

The CU4plus valve control unit fits any SPX FLOW air-operated sanitary valve bringing unprecedented safety, simplicity, and reliability to dairy, beverage, brewery, processed food, healthcare, and pharmaceutical processes. The addition of the IO-Link technology, which is an Industry 4.0 data-ready communications protocol that connects sensors and actuators to process automation systems, allows data to send and retrieve to/from hygienic valves. It forms the backbone of many food and beverage control systems. It is hygienic hardware that does not need to be enclosed in a stainless-steel panel, a feature that reduces installation time and cost.

What makes the CU4plus IO-Link Control Unit different is the pressure sensor that allows end-users to the better monitor air pressure used to actuate the valve. The unit can easily integrate into an existing system, meaning customers don’t have to upgrade a whole line to optimize performance, increase uptime, and maximizes interoperability with other protocols.

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