New JIP33 specification published

JIP33 has published its 10th Phase 3 specification S-708 Subsea Pipeline Valves. Adri Postema, Director of the JIP33 Programme says:-“Another big milestone for JIP33. S-708 Subsea Pipeline Valves is the 10th JIP33 specification that was developed as part of Phase 3 of the program. The constructive collaboration of the experts of our 12 sponsors is amazing.  Not to mention all the feedback we have received from manufacturers, suppliers, and our EPC partners. We have seen a real mindset shift in the past few years, from keeping the know-how and expertise close to our chest, we have moved to share technical experience and insights for the good of the Oil & Gas sector”. 
“I have worked with several of the experts before on other JIP33 specifications”, says Rachel Manley (Project Engineer, Aker Solutions). “I know that it will not always be easy to get a consensus. But they all do see the need for our industry to drive harmonization of our industry standards. I feel proud to be part of this program.”
The purpose of this specification is to define a minimum common set of requirements for the procurement of subsea pipeline valves under API Specification 6DSS, Specification for Subsea Pipeline Valves, Third Edition, August 2017, including Addendum 1, April 2019 for application in the petroleum and natural gas industries.
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