New low-profile pressure relief valve from Midland

Midland Manufacturing, part of OPW, has launched a new pressure relief valve (PRV), A-1076, to help reduce the likelihood of valve shear-off during a rail tank-car rollover. Built specifically for the rail transport of ethylene oxide – a toxic inhalation hazard – Midland’s innovative A-1076 is the result of customer feedback and industry demand for a product that can survive a tank-car rollover.

The design of the Midland’s A-1076 PRV is a direct replacement for the A-14286 External PRV and has been developed keeping the dangerous handling characteristics of ethylene oxide (EO) in mind. The new top guide design retains traditional dual stem guide points, while reducing the PRV’s profile to less than 3″. When combined with the Federal Railroad Association (FRA)-approved top-fitting protection system and the proper angle/check valves, the A-1076 PRV provides maximum protection against valve shear-off and can help avoid dangerous accidental and non-accidental releases of EO.

“When rail tank-cars derail, there is a risk of valves shearing off and the subsequent release of highly toxic substances”, said Steve Herbst, Product Manager at Midland. “The industry wants and needs a solution. The new Midland Low-Profile PRV, combined with a protective valve housing, is that solution.”

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