New M-2x motorised linear actuators

Nanopositioning firm PI has introduced the M-2x series of high precision, motorised linear actuators for applications requiring high resolution, moving force and speed. The units are for OEM and research use and offer a design resolution of 4nm at speeds up to 50mm/s and the ability to move loads up to 12kg. An optional piezo tip offers 1nm resolution. The actuators are self-contained packages using either a DC motor or stepper motor driving a ball screw or lead screw. They have a non-rotating tip ensuring increased stability and motion linearity. Integral non-contacting limit switches and homing sensors increase these actuators’ versatility and help protect sensitive equipment where extended motion could cause damage. The DC motor versions are equipped with closed-loop, high-resolution encoders. For applications where space is short, a compact model is available with a parallel drive shaft-motor configuration. Applications are in instrumentation using small machinery, micro-machining, semiconductor test equipment, biotechnology and high precision nanopositioning.

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