New machining solution from Hydratight

Joint integrity specialist Hydratight added the 2250P boring bar capable of covering a range of 2.5” to 24” diameter and lengths of up to 12ft., to its range of boring bar tools.

Many of the design and performance elements of the 2250P have been inspired by the larger-capacity Hydratight 8200 series machines. One of the key areas of this design transfer has been the rotational drive unit. The assembly uses a 5:1 double enveloping worm gear, which provides 25% more cutting torque than any other boring bar within its class. The boring bar’s robust assembly has hydraulic, pneumatic and electric drive capability options.

The new 2250P boring bar is available with bar lengths starting at 4ft. up to 12ft. with ½” broached tooling holes every 6”. The bar is centred within a bore using the available rapid traverse centring cones that quickly align the bar and bore. Final precision radial adjustment can be made up to 0.25” using the available jacking bolts within the support assembly.

Each of the 2250P assemblies; axial feed, rotational drive, boring heads and facing/grooving heads can be mounted at any point along the bar, allowing the 2250P to be configured to meet almost any boring or facing application.

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