New manifold design from Parker

Parker Instrumentation has introduced a new manifold technology design that is completely free of taper thread connections. The manifolds make it possible to optimise the integrity of pressure and flow instrumentation systems by eliminating PTFE tape or liquid thread sealant when making connections, and with it any risk of introducing contaminants into the fluid system – a major cause of problems in the field. Called PTFree connect, the manifold range incorporates precision factory-fitted and tested compression tube ends. This advance removes the last, obstinate barrier to the process engineer’s goal of building process instrumentation systems without taper threaded interconnections. Because taper threads rely on the use of additives to ensure a seal, they inevitably open up avenues for system contamination and/or
mis-assembly. In contrast, Parker’s PTFree connect provides a high-integrity pre-assembled connection for a compression fitting which is completed by simply turning the nut through a quarter revolution. Moreover, this form of connection ensures that a manifold need never be scrapped because of the common problem of galling or crossing threads, as the integral tube ends are low-cost sacrificial items which can be replaced with ease should they ever be inadvertently damaged. “Taper threads are a legacy of outmoded ‘plumbing’ technology which can lead to unreliability and higher costs”, says Mal Chapman, Parker Instrumentation’s Manifold Product Manager. “The industry’s disillusionment with the situation has already led to ad-hoc fixes in the shape of kidney flanged connectors for transmitters featuring integral compression tube fittings. PTFree provides an elegant solution to the problem, assuring users of integrity.”

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