New on-site milling options for flanges

Climax Portable Machine Tools has developed a new line of heavy-duty portable flange facers that gives machinists the option to select one of three configuration options.  Machinists who repair and maintain flanges and seals on site can specify portable flange facers for single-point machining only, for milling only, or for both milling and single-point machining. Because the new line of flange facers easily switch between facing and milling operations, machinists using the tools effectively get two machines in one, and the new configuration options ultimately give machinists greater flexibility in how they approach on-site machining projects. Incorporated into the single-point flange facer models is an exclusive, patented safety feature that lets operators adjust the feed rate while the machine is still running, without having to reach into the machine. The machines can be mounted either on the inside or outside diameter of the flange, and achieve infinitely variable feed rates from 0.002 to 0.035-inches/rev (0.0508 to 0.889 mm/rev). Their tool heads can be rotated a full 360 degrees, providing the ability to machine angular surfaces as needed. The modular design of these tools allow easier transport to the job site, whether it be in a petrochemical plant, on oil and gas pipelines, on ships, or at power generation facilities, and setup and disassembly can be done quickly. Using the tools, machinists achieve fast and accurate metals removal of demanding flange surfaces.
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