New pinch valve with fireproof structure

Larox Flowsys, the manufacturer of reliable and functional pinch valves and peristaltic hose pumps, has developed a pinch valve with fireproof features. The new Larox fireproof valve is ideal for firewater and sprinkler systems in various industries and applications. Salty offshore and other seawater applications are very difficult to most metal valves, because saline water corrodes valves and makes them almost impossible to operate. Pinch valves are most suitable for these applications as the non-corroding sleeve is the only part that is in direct contact with the medium. The elastic sleeve also ensures that the valve does not jam or clog even if it has been closed for a long period. Larox valves have been proven to operate reliably under the toughest seawater conditions. They are specially designed for on/off and control applications involving abrasive or corrosive slurries and powders. Larox valves differ from conventional valves in terms of superior quality, excellent wear resistance, tightness and anti-jamming properties. Further, they reduce maintenance costs and the upkeep is easy since the sleeve is the only wearing part. The new fireproof valve consists of AISI 316 body, SBRT sleeve, bronze bushings and an extra flange cover. It offers both the good fire resistance and non-corrosive, anti-jamming reliable operation, which is certified by Det Norske Veritas type approval of fire water system valves.

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