New pinch valve

Larox has introduced its PVEG valve, considered ideal for water and wastewater treatment, light slurry and waste handling in industrial plants and soft chemical applications. The PVEG is considered to offer numerous benefits over metal valves and has excellent wear resistance, tightness and anti-jamming properties. The core of the valve is the sleeve, which is the only part in contact with the process medium. The sleeve is also the only part that requires maintenance. The PVEG is light, durable and suitable for many applications. The latest member of the PVEG product family, PVEG-A is designed especially for use in wearing applications in process industries. It is equipped with a pneumatic actuator. The Larox PVEG/C valve model is for chemical process industry applications. It has high chemical resistance and is equipped with an EPDM sleeve and a non-corroding bushing. The manual PVEG/C is supplied with a corrosion-resistant hand wheel.

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