New pressure calibrator from Fluke Calibration

Fluke Calibration introduces the 6270A Modular Pressure Controller/Calibrator, an easy-to-use calibrator with a modular design that can be quickly configured to meet a wide variety of pneumatic pressure calibration applications. It is ideal for pressure sensor manufacturers who want to avoid downtime on the production line, and calibration labs and instrument shops that need precision and accuracy over a wide range.

The 6270A features pressure ranges from low differential pressure to 20MPa, which covers the requirements of most gauges and sensors, with two levels of accuracy (0.02% full scale or 0.01% reading) to balance the needs for accuracy and budget. The 6270A’s modular design provides the flexibility to install modules with different accuracy classes within the same chassis, so technicians can use the levels of accuracy for the pressure ranges. It has an easy to learn and use graphical interface with a choice of nine languages that features an intuitive menu structure.

The pressure calibrator works with Fluke Calibration COMPASS® for Pressure software to automate and run complete pressure calibration sequences on single or multiple devices under test. COMPASS software removes the unknowns often associated with getting automated systems online. The 6270A also features a full remote interface that enables technicians to use it with custom software or other data acquisition equipment.

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