New range of industrial valves from Conex Banninger

Conex Banninger, manufactures of plumbing fittings and valves for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, introduced their new industrial valves range. Ergonomically designed, Conex Banninger industrial valves are versatile, durable and suitable for most water application systems including, drinking water. Additionally installation is intuitive with an overall excellent performance.

The valves have been specifically designed and developed with a superior 3 O-ring sealing system for durability and a quality epoxy coating for a guaranteed ‘zero leak free’ fit. The valve is fitted with a unique Conex Banninger lever, butterfly and gear handles, and is fully resistant to corrosion above and below ground. Conex Banninger industrial valves can be used to control, regulate or divert the flow of liquids can be used across industry sectors. The valves are manufactured with a high quality iron material, in accordance with European Directive standards including BSI, BS EN and WRAS. They are available in sizes DN50 – DN600 with nominal pressure ratings of PN10 and PN16 with supporting pressures and temperatures of up to 16bar and 0⁰C–80⁰C respectively.

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