New remote valve operator for nuclear safety

To improve the safety of workers in nuclear facilities, Smith Flow Control is providing revolutionary FlexiDrive remote valve operator. The system can easily be adapted to suit any handwheel or lever-operated valve in nuclear power plants, making them easily accessible and safe to operate from wherever they are located.

The FlexiDrive includes a new fully-integrated counter mechanism, which displays the valve position (open/closed), providing the operator with a clear indication of the valve position from a safe vantage point. The system is capable of operating valves as far as 30 metres away and accommodating 540 degrees of bends in the cable run.

This remote operation capability improves the safety and functionality of valve operations in nuclear facilities by reducing the exposure of operating personnel to hazardous materials.

FlexiDrive consists of two stations joined by a unique patented linear drive cable, which can be passed around and through walls, bulkheads, floors and any other obstacles to reach the host valve.  This remote valve operator eliminates issues associated with valve access in potentially hazardous areas.

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