New self-clinching fasteners from PennEngineering

PennEngineering introduced new patented microPEM® TackPin® Type T4™ self-clinching fasteners as ideal hardware solutions for installation into stainless steel or higher-strength aluminium alloy sheets. This latest addition to the microPEM family of fasteners enables sheet-to-sheet attachment for a wide range of applications in compact electronic assemblies where disassembly will not be required. They offer tangible benefits over micro-screws by eliminating typical screw-related issues, including costly tapping, cross threading, torque control and vibration back-out, and further provide designers with practical alternatives to welds or adhesives. Noteworthy fastener design features include an interference fit to minimise hole tolerance issues, a tapered tip to assist in location, and a low-profile head to save space.

Manufactured from 400 Series stainless steel, microPEM Type T4 fasteners install easily by first preparing properly sized mounting holes in the sheet to be attached and the base panel. After inserting the fastener into these holes, squeezing force is applied to complete the installation process. The fastener’s head will then hold the top sheet (as thin as 0.2mm) firmly and permanently in place. The base panel can be as hard as HRB 88 or less on the Rockwell ‘B’ scale and at least 0.89mm in thickness.

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