New solenoid valves

Asco Joucomatic has launched a new range of solenoid valves, the Asco 256/356 Series valves. They are direct operated one eight of an inch valves, suitable for a range of fluids and a variety of applications. The new valves, designed in Europe, are of brass or stainless steel construction and available in 2/2 NC/NO and 3/2 NC/NO/U configurations. Extensive fluid compatibility is made possible with a range of different seat and seal materials and various pipe thread options. The valves have ATEX 94/9/CE, UL and CSA approvals, making them suitable for export markets. Technical specifications include 10ms opening times and 5ms closing, flow rates from 0.05 cubic metres per hour – 0.13 cubic metres per hour, differential pressure of 35bar and a temperature range of minus 10C to plus 100C using the standard FPM elastomers.

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