New static balancing valve from Genebre

Genebre, the leading company and world reference in fluid control and high-quality taps, which this year celebrates its 40th anniversary, presents a new static balancing valve.
The new valve, Reference 3074, is one of the outstanding novelties of the 2021 Catalog of the Genebre Hydro Sanitary Line.
Balancing valves are hydraulic devices that regulate and balance the fluid flow in heating and cooling installations with high precision and are very useful to provide a more uniform temperature distribution in equipment with many terminals such as hotels, hospitals, schools, etc.
The static balancing valve can be installed in any vertical or horizontal pipeline. Genebre recommends respecting the installation prescriptions of the Balancing valve. The Balancing valve can be installed on either vertical or horizontal piping. Exclusively respect the flow direction as reported on the valve’s body.
If the Balancing valve is also used for indirectly reading the transfer flow rate, Genebre recommends it is installed away from direction changes, throttling, adjustment, and shut-off parts to limit interferences and increase reading stability and accuracy of the differential pressure reading.
To avoid the thickening of mud and difficulty to remove impurities, the piezometric inlet connections in horizontal paths must always be directed so that inlets are positioned upwards when they are installed.
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