New step forward for pressure sensors

Sensor-Technik UK is launching a new series of pressure sensors featuring what is claimed to be a breakthrough in technology. The company’s TiN (titanium nitride) thin film coating sensors are compact and are designed with high precision and long-term stability in mind.
The patented design is the result of two years’ development at German manufacturer KMW, following research by Prof. Mueller at Hamburg Technical University. The diaphragm, in the form of a capsule, is welded onto the mechanical port without the use of any sealing materials, giving a totally sealed (water/air-tight) connection.
By including integrated temperature compensation on the diaphragm, the need for external electronics is brought to a minimum (simplified). This also allows the temperature compensation to take much faster effect as it is mounted with the strain gauges.
The design offers advantages over piezoresistive sensors, where the capsule diameter is relatively bigger, and over ceramic diaphragms, which are slightly higher in cost and need other sealing materials, which can affect the stability significantly.

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