New TPE diaphragm from IMI Precision Engineering

IMI Precision Engineering has extended the capabilities of its thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) diaphragm technology for dust collector valves by introducing a new version which offers the highest levels of resistance to aggressive media.
The patented development utilises an integrated air purge feature in the centre of the diaphragm which allows less compressed air to escape, creating an air vortex which acts as a barrier to aggressive media. Corrosive and destructive gases and acids are therefore kept away from the valve seat, reducing the heavy wear and tear usually associated with these media. As a result, run times and service intervals increased significantly due to reduced maintenance, and operating costs decrease accordingly.
IMI Precision Engineering rebranded from Norgren in 2015, and continues to engineer solutions for fluid and motion control through its portfolio of flagship product brands including IMI Norgren, IMI Buschjost, IMI FAS, IMI Herion and IMI Maxseal. 
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