New valve company

A resource is now available for end-users who require quick delivery of corrosion-resistant nickel-based valves. Piping systems designed for chlorides, carbonates, sulphates, nitrates, Acetates etc. are, by nature, subject to long deliveries for high-pressure class gate valves. The problem is particularly acute in an emergency situation where a single special valve could jeopardise a construction schedule or result in costly loss of production. Quattro Alloy Valve has introduced a solution to the problem of acquiring ANSI / API designed and tested, small-bore, high-alloy gate valves. The company focuses on producing single or small quantities of valves. All valve bodies are machined from solid forged bar stock, insuring defect-free pressure boundaries and eliminating the time-consuming and expensive casting repair cycle. Quick deliveries are accomplished by carrying an inventory of nickel-based alloy bar stock and moving directly to one of several approved machine shop partners. Final assembly and API 598 test is pre-formed at an ISO-approved facility where all valves also undergo a “Positive Material Identification” test before shipment.
According to Quattro Alloy Valve president, Lee Kosla; “Our business is highly dependent on providing a service to petrochemical plants and offshore platforms.”

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