New version of valve feedback sensor

The latest versions of the IND valve feedback sensors from IFM Electronic have been released just in time for the ATEX implementation date of July this year, by which time all existing hazardous areas must have been re-assessed to ensure compliance. Designed for 3G gas hazards, the newest version of IFM’s feedback sensor, IN506A, is equivalent to two standard PNP sensors built into one housing, suitable for Zone 2. The advantage of this solution is a single housing which fits neatly to actuators and valves needing just one cable. Valve feedback solutions come in many other forms and use either conventional wiring or AS-interface cabling reduction. IND valve sensors for AS-i have a through connection for direct solenoid connection. Rising stem valves also get the IFM treatment, with numerous sensors on offer for the different valves on the market.

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