New Voith servo valve DECV

The new Voith servo valve DECV (Direct Electronic Copy Valve) has been launched as a further development of the Voith copy valve, which has already proven itself in countless hydraulic control systems. It combines the excellent operating characteristics and robustness with innovative valves and the associated electronic control. The single-stage, direct actuation ensures precise control: Through impulse response and accuracy, the DECV servo valve responds to demanding drive tasks. With a step response of only seven milliseconds, the DECV belongs to the class of highly dynamic valves. Thanks to the direct actuation, a hysteresis of considerably less than one percent is reached.

The development of the DECV valve was focused on applications with high mechanical loads. The DECV’s extraordinary parameters are also confirmed by its daily work environment outside laboratory conditions. The Voith DECV valve is affected very little by oil impurities and can be used with oil of the cleanliness class 19/17/14 as per ISO 4406. This oil quality level can be reached with a common bypass filter system. Comparable servo valves often require higher purity levels, which can necessitate the use of expensive pressure filters. The Voith DECV therefore reduces the system’s operating costs.

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