New wireless system for more plant control

Westlock Controls has launched a new wireless valve monitoring system to provide improved efficiency and safety in plant operations. Specifically designed for both manual and automated valves, this new system integrates directly with a plant control system using wireless technology to achieve greater monitoring visibility of valve equipment.

Westlock has developed its new wireless monitoring solution as an integrated unit with direct mounting to valves or actuators. In addition, the design takes advantage of Westlock’s distinctive beacon visual indicator, unsurpassed portfolio of size and material options, and expertise in hazardous applications.

Westlock developed the new system to overcome the capital investment and space obstacles to installing a valve monitoring infrastructure.

Engineered for easier installation, the innovative Westlock system improves overall accessibility of plant equipment, particularly where valves are in hazardous or difficult to access locations. Remote monitoring using wireless technology enables plant operators to reduce health and safety risks and the labor intensive process of monitoring manual valves.

The Westlock wireless valve monitoring system is specifically designed to work with both manual and automated valves and integrate directly with a wider plant control system. Based around the valve monitoring wireless device, the system also includes the wireless router, gateway, handheld and the Wireless Management System software. AES 128bit encryption security is built into the wireless communication to provide a reliable and robust solution.
Using the latest technology, the system is suitable for both rotary and linear monitoring and has the option of an internal or external antenna.

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