Neway’s subsea valves pass hyperbaric chamber test

Two valve samples from Neway were submitted for the hyperbaric chamber test. With help from Laboratory No. 702 of the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) and Cnooc Engineering Underwater Technology (Shenzhen), both samples, a ball valve and gate valve, successfully passed the test witnessed by the China Classification Society (CCS). The parameters tested met or exceeded all listed requirements from clients.

The Hyperbaric Chamber Test is the representative quality test for subsea valves. This test utilizes a hyperbaric chamber to monitor subsea operating conditions in order to test the sealing and operational performance of the valves. This marks the first time a valve has passed a hyperbolic chamber test in China, solidifying Neway’s leading position in the valve industry and strengthening the foundation for exporting Neway’s subsea valves abroad.

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