Nitrate removal project

PuriTech Ltd and its UK-based representative ACWa Services have finished commissioning its Nitrate removal project, Keldgate WTW, in the UK. PuriTech Ltd was contracted to design, fabricate and test 3 IONEX Nitrate removal valves – nozzle size: 3in (DN80). The valve material, Polypropylene, has been lab tested and received WRAS approval for use in potable water applications. The Nitrate removal process pattern was machined into these PP-blocks. Stainless steel 316L top and bottom reinforcement plates provided the mechanical strength to the plastic plates at the top and bottom of the process valves. Two Bauer BF50 gearboxes mounted on the valves with an internal drive mechanism created a torque of 24000Nm to index the process disk inside the process valve. Each process valve is capable of distributing 700m3/h nitrate loaded potable water. All 3 valves in operation will have a total treatment capacity of 2100m3/h, to reduce the nitrate level of 65ppm to levels below 5 ppm. The waste produced will be less than 0,5% of the treated flow. PuriTech’s patented IONEX process valves are used in applications such as: water treatment; sugar color removal or deashing; mine water treatment; citric acid and amino acid production; and recovery of catalyst and other precious metals.
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