Non-contact fluid dispensing with jetting valve

The PS-8200 Jetting Valve from ETS is an ideal companion to tabletop or inline, robotic, fluid dispensing workcells. Non-contact jetting valves offer a significant advantage over traditional needle dispense valves. Jetting Valve Dispenser precision reaches to 200µm with dot diameter or line width as small as 250µm and volumetric dispensing down to .0036µl. Minimum space between lines is 180µm and maximum fluid dispense speed is 200 dots/second.

Fluid Dispense Jetting Valves ‘fly’ over the circuit assembly or substrate and shoot a precisely controlled volume of material in dots, lines and patterns. Jetting multiple shots in the same location creates larger dots. Volumetric fluid dispensing repeatability is improved with active temperature/viscosity control. Lines and complex geometries are generated by adjacent dot dispensing.

Jetting Valve Technology can be used for a wide array of applications including conformal coating, surface mount adhesive dispensing, underfill, encapsulants, UV adhesives and silver epoxy. Jet Dispensing eliminates the need for the Z-Axis. The PS-8200 Jetting Valve is highly accurate and repeatable. These fluid dispensing valves are easy to maintain while wasting less material.

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