NorSea Group sets up new company

NorSea Group has established a new subsidiary, NSG Maritime. The new company will provide engineering and marine services to the oil & gas and maritime industries. NSG Maritime will be operational from March 2014.

The personnel of NSG Maritime have backgrounds as master mariners and marine engineers and have extensive experience from the offshore and shipping industries. The new company will furnish NorSea Group with significant competence and experience in occupational disciplines involving maritime technologies.

“NSG Maritime is a very exciting and important addition to NorSea Group’s spectrum of services. Based on a strong team possessing a high level of competence and many years of experience, we will now be in a condition to deliver complete solutions in the fields of marine operations and engineering services”, says CEO of NorSea Group, John Stangeland.

With a small organisation and this combination of high-level competence and vast experience, NSG Maritime will be delivering solutions to both small and large companies in the oil & gas and maritime industries. The company offers a broad spectrum of engineering and marine services, including rig moves, tugboat operations, inspection of vessels, installation method development, technical analyses, audits and verifications as well as design and verification of large and small steel structures and sea fastening equipment.

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