Oliver Hydcovalves Surface to Subsea Hydrogen Valve Solutions

Oliver Hydcovalves stand out for their Hydrogen and Carbon Capture applications, thanks to their innovative design, rigorous testing, and high precision engineering. With a rapidly expanding range, including instrumentation, Double Block and Bleed, Pipeline, and Subsea Gate Valves, Oliver Hydcovalves are at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in the industry.

Highlighted among their impressive lineup are the 1″ Hydraulic Gate Valve with manual override, DBB with a 20mm bore, 3” Flange, and the 1/2″ Hydraulic Gate Valve equipped with Remote Operated Vehicle bucket capability. These valves are tailored to meet the diverse requirements of Hydrogen and Carbon Capture applications, showcasing Oliver Hydcovalves’ commitment to versatility and excellence.

Designed to excel in Carbon Capture (CC) injection applications, these valves demonstrate precision engineering and reliability. Their robust construction and advanced features make them indispensable components for ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of Carbon Capture processes.

Oliver Hydcovalves’ reputation as leaders in the industry is built on their dedication to innovation and quality. Trusted by professionals worldwide, Oliver Hydcovalves continue to drive advancements in Hydrogen and Carbon Capture applications, promising continued excellence in the field.

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