Oliver Valves launches Oliver Hydcovalves Ltd

Oliver Valves has established a new company, named Oliver Hydcovalves Ltd. This entity will focus on products that are required for hard-to-abate sectors to reduce their CO2 footprint.

Oliver Valves says it intends to drive its decades of oil and gas valve know-how, coupled with R&D capability, into the gReen energy and emission abatement sector. “Recognising that industry as a whole, not just the energy sector, now faces the challenge of transitioning to a future with net-zero emissions, Oliver Hydcovalves has the primary objective of providing valve technologies that support the net-zero emission targets of industrial users.

Post-Combustion Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) entails capturing CO2 from industrial emissions then transporting it to be permanently stored. There are already several differing technologies used to separate the CO2 from the remaining flue gases, with almost all then compress the CO2 into liquid form for transportation to depleted oil and gas reservoirs or other geological storage sites, with the most cost-effective transportation method being via pipeline. With the percentage of CO2 captured from flue gases continuing to increase towards 100%, CCS provides a means to decarbonise the use of fossil fuels whilst transitioning to alternative energy sources.

Valves from the Oliver Twinsafe range are ideally suited for the new pipeline infrastructure that will be required for this rapidly expanding decarbonisation technology. Where subsea CO2 storage is required, valves from the Oliver Valvetek range have already been successfully deployed at the injection wellhead subsea tree. Reliability at depth is vital, even when injecting CO2 rather than extracting oil or gas; the Hydcovalves portfolio of adapted Twinsafe and Valvetek products, easily match client expectations in these extremely arduous applications.

Screenshot: Oliver Hydcovalves Ltd

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