Oliver Valves Research & Development

Oliver Valves Research and Development Centre based in the UK is world-leading in the technology to seal, test, and innovate valves for hydrogen, carbon capture, and subsea applications.

One huge part of Oliver Valves R&D operation is automation. As well as giving them the ability and capacity to test multiple projects simultaneously, it also allows them to replicate demanding environments to ensure that valves are qualified to meet the most robust testing criteria in the industry.

To rapidly collect, process, and analyse significant amounts of data from multiple sources, you need a powerful processing capacity with precision and accuracy. Oliver Valves data processing network is custom-built in-house and is tailored to their valve designs, ensuring that they maximise the performance and safety of each valve they manufacture.

Oliver Valves have a strong mix of engineering skills within R&D which are resulting in amazing achievements, such as designing the first ball valve to be qualified by a third party for hydrogen application. Their engineers are long-serving and have decades of experience and are instrumental in passing on their knowledge and expertise to apprentices joining the business. This invaluable work is reciprocated by their enthusiasm for new engineering technology that’s helping drive and shape Oliver Valves future development projects such as automation.

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