Olsen Actuation launches electro-hydraulic hybrid

The Electro-Hydrostatic Drive, by German company Böhner-EH GmbH, combines the adaptability, efficiency and programmability of an electric actuator with the massive force capabilities of a hydraulic cylinder, in a compact design that promises to revolutionise industrial processes.
Due to its sealed for life capsule design, the EH-D boasts an impressive 20,000,000 cycle lifetime capability and with no pipes, cooling or wearing parts, the risk of leakage is eliminated.
Despite its impressive 50MN force capability, the EH-D is highly efficient, saving up to 10X more energy than traditional hydraulics and requiring almost no maintenance.
The EH-D’s Servo control drive software offers easy ‘plug and play’ integration while the actuator’s built in force measurement capabilities provide precise condition monitoring of energy, temperature, position and force.
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