Olsen Actuators for process control applications

Electric actuators supplied by Olsen Actuation are used for a variety of challenging process control applications.

The use of electric actuated fuel control valves on gas turbines can replace pressure regulator/gas loaders, throttle valves, and associated electrohydraulic actuators. Exlar’s servo electric actuators integrate a servo motor and a specially designed roller screw mechanism for converting electric motor power into linear motion.

In order to get the best possible damper control, utility engineers are now replacing existing windbox dampers with Exlar electric servo actuators. Each actuator, when supplied with Exlar’s all digital SV positioner, will respond to command signal changes in less than 5 mSec.

The Exlar® GSX60 electric actuator replaces existing hydraulic solutions. The actuators use a roller screw to convert the rotary motion of a servo motor directly to a linear force.

Exlar TDM75 Tritex electric actuators have proven to be a unique solution for separators, artificial lift, injection pumps and other production applications, eliminating venting of natural gas to the atmosphere.

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