OmniGasket sealing solution used in deicing system

Saint-Gobain Seals’ OmniGasket sealing solution is being utilised in the Aerospace market as a flanged sealing component on aircraft wing slats and their deicing telescopic duct system. Retained in a gasket, this sealing solution is machined from a Meldin 7001 polyimide plate with a static OmniSeal seal installed inside, and is mounted at the interface between the telescopic duct and the wing leading edge. The OmniGasket component is currently installed on the Dassault Falcon 7X (a large-cabin, long range business jet) and being tested for use on a new mid-size jet.

The product is composed of two of Saint-Gobain Seals’ high-performance product lines – Meldin 7001 thermoset polyimide materials and OmniSeal spring-energised seals. It is capable of handling extreme service conditions and ideal for the Aerospace market. Recent research and development from the Saint-Gobain Seals manufacturing team has led to a change in the OmniSeal seal shape from round to oval and optimising the limited space. Within the same plate size, the oval shape supports a larger surface area, which increases airflow intake.

The Meldin and OmniSeal product lines also work as separate elements and have been used for different applications in the Aerospace market. Some applications include jet engines, auxiliary power units, landing gear, gearboxes and flight controls.

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