One of the world’s major pipeline conferences

With 500 to 600 participants from about 50 countries, the international Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) is already among the largest and most important conferences of its kind in the world just 10 years after being initiated.

This “German” international conference is organized by the former DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) subsidiary EITEP (Euro Institute for Information and Technology Transfer in Environmental Protection), based in Hanover. It is especially supported by the major gas network operators (as to content) and by producers and service providers from Europe (exhibitors).

Content-related matters are managed by the internationally staffed 32-member Advisory Committee, AdCo. The AdCo is particularly active when it comes to putting together the conference program. AdCo members submit the received presentation proposals to a quality check, in which both the content (abstracts) and the potential speakers (CVs) are evaluated according to such criteria as relevance and topicality.

Over 150 proposals for 50 “free” presentations for the PTC 2015 were received by the EITEP following a “Call for Papers”. The “Call for Papers” was sent out to about 22,000 verified addresses from the international pipeline community in July 2014. The returns were then examined together with the AdCo in the manner described.

This process ensures that participants are offered a high-quality program that addresses and presents for discussion all current and ongoing developments throughout the world.

Pipeline construction is booming worldwide – except in Europe. Instead, Europe can offer a lot of experience and technology for operations and maintenance as well as on issues of safety and long service life. That is ostensibly what participants from Asia, Africa, Australia and North and South America are looking for in Europe at the ptc.

For the ptc 2015, the presentation selection procedure for the 50 free presentations, which is supplemented by about 10 invited speakers, has resulted in one plenary session and 13 technical sessions with 3 to 5 individual presentations. They cover all important, complex current issues related to the technology of onshore and offshore pipelines. Due to high demand, the topics of “Inline Inspection”, “Geohazards” and “Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion” will be offered as two-day seminars for additional information following the conference.

15 research institutes from academia and industry are taking advantage of the opportunity to present their latest research results in a structured poster show. The same will be done by the electronic technical journal ptj, Pipeline Technology Journal, also published by EITEP, which will be issued in printed form in limited numbers for the conference.

Two particularly topical issues will be addressed in discussion forums. This year, the topics will be: 1. “Pipeline safety” and 2. “The German Energy Transition”. Both topics will be moderated by the former CEO of Open Grid Europe, Heinz Watzka, who has invited experts from North America and Europe to participate in the discussion. DVGW Vice President Dr. Hüwener will be involved in discussion round 1 and DVGW Chairman Dr. Linke in discussion round 2. This will ensure that there will be plenty of input into various aspects of the German gas industry.

The papers from the past 9 years of ptc are made freely available in a central abstract/paper database for research purposes at:

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