Optibal W6 ball valve for operation control

The six-way ball valve with the rotary actuator Aktor R ST L is used for heating and cooling operation of radiant/chilled ceilings or fan coils. Compared to standard installations, the ball valve allows for a space saving installation.

Room heating and cooling are combined in more and more buildings. A four-pipe system for room temperature control which allows for zone-wise switching between heating and cooling operation is installed in these buildings. In classic four-pipe systems, many individual control components are required for switching between heating and cooling operation and for room temperature control.

The six-way ball valve – Optibal W6 by Oventrop is equipped with the rotary actuator Aktor R ST L and is connected to the centralised building control system. The four valves with actuator in a four-pipe system can be replaced by this combination.

The six-way ball valve is made of dezincification resistant brass. When combined with thermostatic valves AQ or pressure independent control valves Cocon QTZ, the six-way ball valve/actuator combination allows for automatic hydronic balancing.

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