Orbital welder to reduce costs

Delstron Systems (Burton, UK) have utilised orbital welding equipment from Orbimatic GMBH to help bring down the delivery time of their process systems for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The system allows Delstron Systems to produce pipe work up to 6” in diameter and can also accommodate all popular types of valves and fittings. Steve Cardwell of Delstron explains: “The Orbimatic system produces a consistent clean weld on the outside diameter and also gives a guarantee of a perfect profile on the inside diameter. This eliminates the need to grind the internal weld and in turn drastically reduces the amount of abrasives and man hours needed to complete the projects.”
In addition the Orbimatic systems give a complete weld data log record of all welds made on the project. Each weld log can be recalled by weld map number or date and time. The weld logs can be easily downloaded to a PC with the use of a standard Smart Media card. Once in the PC the log files can be stored onto any media type or converted to a Microsoft Word file at the click of an icon using the “Orbiport” software. Delstron Systems plans to use this technology on future projects.

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