Pacific Valves brochure

Pacific Valves, a division of the Crane Valve Group, has published an eight-page brochure with insert, which describes its non-lubricated, metal-seated Wedgeplug valves. Available in ASME Classes 150-900, these Wedgeplug valves provide protection from erosion damage, solids build-up on sealing surfaces and in cavities, and residual freeze-up which can prevent operation and cause leakage due to packing wear. According to the new brochure, the body of a Wedgeplug valve features simple construction with only three major parts – the body, plug, and bonnet. The valve is designed with both upstream and downstream metal seats, which are integrally cast as part of the body. Seats are then machined and ground to a mirror-like finish to match the plug for tight metal-to-metal, bi-directional sealing. The raised seats are completely protected from the process flow when fully opened or closed. There are no cavities to permit process build-up, no leak paths behind the seat and no thermal expansion problems. Wedgeplug valves provide double block-and-bleed service and the metal-seated design is inherently fire-safe.

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