Paladon actuators for PA-B platform

Paladon Systems is pleased to announce that has completed the order of Pneumatic Spring to Close and Spring to Open Actuators (Models PNS-2-314-SRO7E-LS-45; PNS-2-314-SRC8E-LS-45; PNS-8-433-SRC5F-LS-45; PNS-8-433-SRC5F-LS-45; PNS-1-78-SRC3B-LS-45; PNS-1-201-SRO6B-LS-45) and Hydraulic Spring to Close Actuators (Models HYS-31M-56-SRC4HE-LS-45 & HYS-8-44-SRC10FE-LS-45). These Actuators will be mounted on different sizes Valves and will be placed on the Piltun-Astokhskoye-B (PA-B) platform of Sakhalin Energy Investment, in the North Pacific Ocean. 
Control System of these Actuators includes a Unit Switch, a Quick Exhaust Valve, a Pressure Gauge, Isolation Valve, Non-return Valve, and many more.
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