ParFit interchangeable filter elements

The use of Parker Filtration “green” ParFit interchangeable filter elements is currently providing Kawasaki Precision Machinery (KPM) in Plymouth with annual savings of GBP 7000 on prices they were paying five years ago. The annual savings achieved by Parker for KPM are the result of the reduced number of replacement elements used rather than reduced prices. As manufacturers of hydraulic components, including the Staffa range of radial piston motors, KMP fully tests every pump, motor and valve manufactured or rebuilt on one of seven test rigs. Recognising the need to control the ingress of contamination during the testing of new and rebuilt pumps, motors and valves, KMP invited Parker Filtration engineers to conduct tests to compare Parker ParFit replacement filter elements with existing filter element performance. Tests were carried out using a Parker PLC 3000 Automatic Portable Laser Particle Counter and by follow-up samples submitted to independent laboratories. These tests indicated that ParFit replacement filters offered equivalent or better contamination control and extended life.

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