Parker solenoid valves for water-jetting units

Parker Hannifin’s latest solenoid valves form an integral part of the safety system installed in a fleet of high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure water-jetting units from Denholm MacNamee. Developed in conjunction with Norson Power, the Atex-compliant solenoid valves enable the water-jetting units to be used safely in Zone II areas in offshore locations. The solenoid valves are fitted to the Denholm MacNamee water jetting units to allow suitable connection to the Offshore Platform Yellow Alert Shutdown System, so that in the event of the detection of an explosive gas by the platform gas sensors the power to the valve can be disconnected; in turn, this vents the safety system air to the atmosphere, thereby preventing a potential explosion. Denholm MacNamee specialises in the supply and operation of high-pressure water-jetting equipment for pipe and tubular cleaning, as well as ultra-high-pressure water-jetting units for the surface preparation of steel structures and the removal of corrosion and damaged coatings. This equipment can be used in both onshore and offshore locations and in such industry sectors as refining, oil and gas, shipyards and power generation.

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