Parker special effects

Parker Hannifin has played a significant role in ensuring the success of the epic film Pearl Harbor – where the company was cast to help recreate the ill-fated 1941 attack for the big screen. Among the many effects used to recreate the event, Parker’s precise motion controls moved the torpedo up and down as it swam through the water, and controlled all movement of the planes, including the propellers, to simulate flight. Parker hose and fittings, mobile hydraulic cylinders and valves were used in the recreation of the war. The valves were designed specifically for the filming of Pearl Harbor at Fox Studios, in Baja, Mexico. Parker hydraulic stackable, load-sensing and pressure compensating directional valves were used in an underwater scene to simulate a torpedo moving through the water before it struck its target. The valves were also used to simulate aeroplanes in flight. “We made planes that were on the ground look like they were flying,” said Parker Technical Support Specialist, Dan Tesar. Parker has been involved in several films where precise motion control is needed to bring a sense of reality to the scene. These include Swordfish, Titanic and The Perfect Storm.

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