Parker’s LM-Pro miniature proportional valve

The Precision Fluidics Division of Parker Hannifin announced the release of its new Parker LM-Pro linear motor proportional valve targeted at the respiratory and anesthesia markets. 
A critical feature of the LM-Pro valve is the valve’s linear motor actuation technology that provides exceptional resolution over a longer stroke and lower power consumption than traditional solenoid or voice coil actuation designs. With a linear controllable flow range from 0.5 to 540 slpm, pressure capability up to 100 psi (6.9 bar), and typical power consumption of less than 2 Watts, the LM-Pro valve enables very precise flow control throughout the full performance range of the valve. The LM-Pro valve allows for simple, closed-loop feedback, giving the customer precise pressure or flow control. This ensures accurate and safe delivery of precise gases to patients, from neonates to adults. Typical applications will have power usage of less than 2 Watts, giving the customer longer battery life or ability to use a smaller battery to save size and weight. Typical hysteresis of <10% (full scale), coupled with a fast response time of <20 msec (full cycle), give the customer the ultimate in low and high flow rate and precision control proportional valve performance.
The Parker LM-Pro is a true, one-size-fits-all, proportional valve. Its unrivalled performance capability combined with the simplicity of a face-mounted/ported design makes the LM-Pro valve an ideal solution for varied applications with dynamic flow control needs.
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