PED-certified relief valve

Parker Instrumentation has developed a PED-certified, proportional relief valve for process instrumentation applications, with the ability to provide protection over an extremely broad 150 to 6000PSIG pressure range. CE marked and certified to the highest Category-IV level of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) which covers a wide range of applications including hydraulic fluid power equipment, Parker will set and test the new valve at the factory for specific application pressures, and laser etch the valve body with the cracking pressure. The new valve provides a simple “fit and forget” solution for adding reliable safety, environmental and/or equipment protection to a wide variety of process and laboratory instrumentation applications, that needs no testing or calibration by the end user. Designated HPRV, the new valve is available with 0.142in flow ports. At the heart of the innovation is a novel captured seat design that is blow-out and chip-resistant and works across the entire operating pressure range (the valve will handle pressures up to 8000PSIG during relief). Each HPRV valve is provided as a complete item including spring, under a single order number, to simplify purchasing.
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