Pentair gets SIL 3 certification from Exida

Pentair achieved Safety Integrated Level (SIL) 3 certification for its Westlock Controls AccuTrak Position Monitors and Quantum Control Monitors. Obtained from third party certification organization Exida, this universal accreditation validates the products’ exceptional quality and reliability for the most hazardous of applications.

After passing rigorous FMEDA, Pentair’s assessment confirms that products across its entire AccuTrack and Quantum lines are capable for use in SIL 3 applications in low demand mode, where systems operate less than once a year. The Pentair’s position monitor and control monitor series are designed to provide a fail-safe system in critical environments, without compromising safety-instrumented systems (SIS). This certified equipment makes it easier to implement a safety system in process applications, in compliance with international standards. Depending on the application, SIL 3 certified products also reduce the risk of accident by a factor of 10 compared to SIL 2 devices.

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