Pentair transmitter receives Safety award

Pentair’s Westlock Controls Digital EPIC-2 ESD/PST Smart Transmitter received 2015 exida Safety Award in the Best Final Element (Interface) category.

The Digital EPIC-2 is a valve position transmitter specifically designed for safety valves. Its advanced diagnostic features include superior capabilities for communicating valve performance, valve health and predictive maintenance. The device alerts end users when valves deviate from optimal performance and allows them to conduct emergency shutdown (ESD), partial stroke testing (PST), solenoid operated valve testing (SOVT) and full stroke testing (FST) from the safety of a remote control room. Its diagnostic maintenance functions equips customers with the most complete data possible to make sound safety system decisions, keeping plant safety at the forefront of operations.

“This transmitter allows customers to be proactive,” said Paolo Baroni, global product director for the controls business of Pentair. “Customers can continuously monitor their plant and carry out the appropriate maintenance before a hazardous event occurs.”

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