Perfect process shut-off

For leakage shut-off in demanding environments, the Vanessa triple offset metal-seated series 30,000 valve from Tyco Valves and Control can claim to have an outstanding performance in oil, gas, offshore, chemical and petrochemical applications. Combining the durability of gate valves with performance of quarter-turn valves, its compact design offers considerable space savings. The single-piece cast body design, with face-to-face dimensions complying with ISO 5752, ANSI B16.10 and API 609, it allows for interchangability with gate, high performance butterfly, plug, and other valve types, for simple and flexible installation. All-metal construction, which combines a hardened Stellite seat with Duplex seal rings, means the valve is inherently firesafe. The triple offset geometry eliminates all seat-to-seal rubbing throughout the valve’s 90-degrees rotation. This resistance to wear allows for cost efficiency, minimising maintenance and plant downtime. Bubble-tight closure ensures zero leakage, even under high pressure and temperatures from cryogenic to +815°C. The Vanessa 30,000 has proven itself in the control of toxic, flammable, and corrosive process media, hot gases, saturated and superheated steam and solvents. The modular design enables direct mounting of a quarter-turn electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuator, for local or remote operation. The valve is designed to ANSI B16.34, API 609 and DIN 3840 standards.

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