Petrobras sign an agreement with Porto do Açu (RJ)

Petrobras signed an agreement with Porto do Açu (RJ) to provide support for the decommissioning of oil and gas platforms. The agreement makes docks available for platforms undergoing decommissioning to be temporarily docked until the final destination of the unit has been decided, in accordance with best international practice on green recycling and sustainability (ASG)

The contract with Porto do Açu, located in the city of São João da Barra (RJ), is for three years and also covers support services to the units, electricity supplies, etc. The agreement is part of Petrobras’s plan to decommission a total of 26 platforms by 2030.

The decommissioning consists of various activities to finalize the operative capacity of the platform definitively. It is a natural element of the production cycle in the oil and gas industry. Petrobras has set aside USD 9.8bn for its decommissioning activities, according to its 2023-2027 Strategic Plan.

The company expects to decommission 26 platforms over the next five years. These decommissioning activities involve permanently sealing wells and cleaning and disposing of the underwater systems and platforms.

Petrobras completed the auctioning off of the P-32 platform in July, the first platform disposed of under the sustainable disposal model adopted by the company. The successful bidder was GERDAU S.A, in partnership with the shipyard, ECOVIX. The P-32, currently in the Campos Basin, will be taken directly to the ECOVIX yard, where the vessel will be recycled.

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